Hey there, it’s your favorite dating guru here! I know you’ve been wondering how to find the perfect match online and luckily for you, I have tried a ton of different sites and apps over the years. Let me tell ya – things sure have changed since my first foray into online dating. Nowadays there are so many options out there that even if you think your interests or lifestyle is too niche, chances are good that someone has created an app just for people like us! For example – gay folks can check out Grindr or Scruff; Asian singles might want to try East Meet East; Jewish daters could use JDate…you get the idea. Whoa nelly – talk about overwhelming choices! But don’t worry – as a seasoned veteran in this game, I’m here to help guide through all these newfangled websites and apps with ease (and maybe even some humor!). So sit back relax while we explore what’s hot on today’s digital love scene together…

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The 15 Best Dating Sites and Apps for Singles

How We Determine Which Sites & Apps Are Better

As an online dating expert, I take my job seriously. My team and I review each site or app with a fine-toothed comb. We test both free and paid versions of the sites to get a full picture of what’s available for users. Then we spend time sending messages back and forth on the platform – usually about 10 messages per day over 5 days – so that we can experience how user friendly it is first hand, as well as seeing if there are any bots or fake profiles lurking around! We also look at all aspects such as design/usability, customer service response times (if applicable), features offered by different plans etc., plus factors like safety & security measures in place to protect users’ data privacy & personal information from being shared without their knowledge/consent. Finally our reviews include recommendations based on our findings which will help readers make informed decisions when choosing which dating sites or apps best suit their needs; this includes looking into success stories reported by other members who have used these services before them too! My commitment sets me apart from other review sites: every single one of my reviews goes through multiple rounds of thorough testing before they’re published – no stone left unturned here! So you know you’ll always be getting honest opinions backed up with facts when reading one of mine…


1. What to say on dating sites?

Be yourself and be honest. Show your personality in a positive light, but don’t oversell it. Ask questions to get the conversation going and keep it interesting!

2. What are the best dating sites for lesbians?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for lesbians, but my favorites are HER and OkCupid. Both have great user bases so you can find someone who fits your needs, plus they’re both free to use! I’d definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re looking for love.

3. What are the best Black dating apps?

I’ve tried a few different Black dating apps and my favorites are Bae, Soul Swipe, and MELD. They all have great features like location-based matching and easy messaging options that make it easier to find someone special. Plus they’re free so you can’t go wrong!

4. How do dating apps work?

Dating apps work by connecting you with other singles in your area. You can usually set up a profile, upload pictures and start swiping to find matches. If two people like each other they can chat or arrange to meet up in person!